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I am a life and leadership coach, passionate about empowering women to step into greater leadership at home and work.  Having worked in a male dominated field for over 20+ years, I have worked for some amazing leaders and some not so amazing leaders.   Diversity of leadership teams is important in moving forward and women face unique challenges.  In many cases, the female mentors aren't there.  With my background and experience - I want to continue to develop strong feminine leaders that can step into and desire to step into greater leadership roles, removing the blocks that are holding them back and filling their toolbox with the tools that allow them to lead authentically, as a woman.  

I love working with both men and women. I have spent over 20+ years working for small, medium and large companies, first as an engineer on many NASA programs, before moving into leadership development, organizational development and coaching.    I remember clearly, sitting on my living room floor, feeling overwhelmed and exhausted with a to do list that wouldn't go away.   I had 2 small children, I was working and was trying to live within the box - society, the culture defined for me.  The list of shoulds was huge, that I lost myself, my desires, my passions had all taken a back seat, actually, I'm not even sure they were on any seat - they had fallen completely off the list.  And so the journey to where I am today began......

I am a professionally trained coach and after careful consideration and research, I received my training  through iPEC (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching), an ICF accredited school. I am also an Energy Leadership Index™ (ELI) Master Practitioner, and a candidate for COR.E Dynamics Specialist in both Wellbeing and Leadership.  I have plenty of tools in my tool box and I believe we all have to find the tools that work for us.  

Along the way, I became an author, something I never thought I would do, yet the experience is something that has had a positive impact on my life and has connected me an amazing community of women that I am forever connected to, a sisterhood.  

I am a contributing auther for two Heal My Voice anthologys.   "Inspired Voices: True Stories by Visionary Women",   This book is the third anthology of truly Leading women: 22 stories written in community to heal a story and amplify their own and others' voices. These stories shine with authenticity and inspired tenacity.

My Quiet Power can be found in   Feminine Voices:  True Stories by Women Transforming Leadership.  You can also access a free e-copy of my story at www.leaderinspired.com.  It is my journey to not only embracing my quiet as a strength but also my feminine leadership.   

On a more formal note -- as in the educational credentials:

I have a BS in Aerospace Engineering and worked on many NASA Programs including space shuttle missions and one of the Hubble Space Telescope Servicing Missions.  I am now facilitating leadership development workshops at NASA.  I am a facilitator with the World Business and Executive Coaching Summit (WBECS)

Part of the journey included going back and getting my Masters of Arts in Education/Instructional Design.

On a more personal note....

  • I am a single mom of two teenagers and they are great teachers!
  • I love Trader Joe's
  • and New York City
  • and Santa Barbara
  • and Paris.... (and traveling...)
  • Chocolate is a major weakness 
  • I have completed a triathlon (emphasis on completed....)
  • My career journey has been traveled via my heart and I wouldn't have it any other way! 
  • I am a Reiki Practitioner and becoming a Reiki Master is on my list...
  • I am an author
  • I am an introvert though I am not shy.  I am social, friendly and those that know me have a hard time believing I am an introvert.    
  • I love the ocean and love yoga on the beach... especially in the morning...  I also love paddleboarding and SUP Yoga....
  • Meeting Bono in 2014 was incredibly inspirational.  ONE....Inspi(red)
  • I love living in the DC Metro area and love coaching, facilitating, speaking and inspiring others!
  • Reading and Movies and walking barefoot in the grass....
  • and so much more....



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